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Verbena or vervain plant, also known as blue vervain is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. It has small flowers that are in purple-bluish colour with a bud that has small spikes around it. This plant is an annual flower and originates from Europe, Northern and Southern America. Sometimes the efficacy of this herbal plant is overlooked by many health practitioners when compared to other well-known herbs such as ginseng and St. John’s Wort. The plant has been used for medicinal purposes way back as the ancient Roman times.

These were the times before prescription medications.

For many centuries the plant was beneficial to the society for plenty healing purposes.  Then it was used to cure a lot of diseases and in recent times it is now used as a natural treatment and for detox using some colonic cleansing methods. It has health effects such as the treatment of neurological or psychological issues, and the purifying of the body. The parts that are used for tisane or brewing tea is the plant’s aerial part.  It can be grown in the garden and picked for homemade verbena tea or can be bought as a single product.


Mood Enhancer

One of the very noticeable uses of verbena tea is for naturally boosting one's mood and reducing any anxiety feeling. Taking verbena tea can help to calm the nervous system as it stimulates that relaxation feeling and promotes a good night sleep. This is particularly helpful for those that struggle to sleep at night if they take it about 30 minutes before bedtime. Verbena also relieves the side effect of premenstrual syndrome that women suffer.

Helps with Digestion

Verbena serves as a natural tonic which helps to promote the digestive system. It relieves small stomach problems like a cramp, bloating and flatulence diarrhoea and nausea just by drinking one cup of it on a daily basis. You can always drink this tea whenever you have a meal to enjoy good overall digestion. With verbena tea, the body even absorbs food nutrients much better.

Better Liver Functioning

Verbena is mostly used as a diuretic and normally applied in the detoxification process of the urinary tract, kidneys and liver. To improve liver health herbalist normally recommend that the treatment is started by taking the tea in plenty quantity for a short time period, once in a year. However, there is no trusted data to scientifically back it up and the tea should not be depended on as a means to dependably cure any liver condition. At least with the tea, you are sure that your body is protected against any unwanted toxins making you feel healthier generally.

Further Benefits

Verbena tea has other benefits that contain a range of different medicinal treatments. It has an anti-inflammatory potency that helps with dealing with pains and aches from osteoarthritis while it is reported to help fight depression and other nervous issues. Yet again, there are no data to scientifically back these up.



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Notwithstanding, there are unreliable accounts that have reported that when people take verbena they notice improvements in their body. These improvements come in the form of relaxing and being able to have a clear thought after terrible spells of depression.  This plant has no known danger so one can give it a try and see how the general effect is on your body. Compared to other plants it is quite safe with no known side effects but should, however, be avoided when using medications that have the relative effects of the herb. It should also be avoided by pregnant and nursing women because of impulsive maternal effects.

For many, verbena tea is something that should be kept in the household as a general use of treatment for several symptoms in a harmless and relaxing way.  To know more you can always reach out to a physician with herbal treatment familiarity and natural health conceptions. There are plenty more ways good uses can come from one good cup of verbena tea. Apart from the benefits already mentioned, verbena is known to have been used for treating migraine and headaches. There are a lot more speculative benefits that no research has been yet to prove or confirm.


How to Prepare Verbena Tea

Some of them are the topical good it does to the skin and stimulating the production of milk in women that breastfeed. To prepare it requires you to take a verbena tea bag and place it in a cup and then add boiled water. The cup should be covered and then the tea allowed to steep for few minutes (about 3-5). After that, depending on how you want it you can add some lemon, honey or sugar for flavour. Contact your doctor before you start taking herbal tisanes like verbena tea if you are presently heavy with child, nursing or under any drugs. You can always have your verbena tea, enjoying it anytime or on every occasion desired.

Should you be interested in trying it out, you can visit any local or health food store and go to their tea section. If you want you can also do it online if you think it is more convenient for you.
Before you do the online purchase you have to make sure that you are buying from a merchant that is trustworthy. In relation to those herbal organic drinks, the one that comes highly recommended is the Buddha Teas. They are among the top quality merchants that you can find.